School ski trips

children ski lessons

Learning outside of the classroom is a valuable and effective way for pupils to achieve new skills, experience and confidence.

Curriculum linked learning with our school ski trips

To bring learning to life, we offer unique presentations on specific subjects called "Snozone learning" about Snozone and how it operates as a business - this is delivered by the Directors of Snozone.  We also give lessons on the science of snow and importantly, how participating in snowsports keep children extremely fit and healthy.  

GCSE Assessments

Skiing and snowboarding are now an option on the GCSE Physical Education Curriculum and we can assess students' exams on our slopes.

Snow experience days

Each year we host several "Activity Days" either to celebrate Christmas or the end of the academic year, arranging a full day out for year groups or individual classes.  These include exclusive sledging sessions.  As each Snozone is situated in an Xscape centre, extra activities can also be incorporated - featuring rock climbing and bowling and even skydiving at Milton Keynes, and trampolining at Castleford.

There’s more to snow than skiing and snowboarding, and sledging is a lot of fun. Why wait until winter for snow to fall to have a sledging session? Our year round snow is a lot easier for planning! Our snow experience days make perfect school ski trips for pupils in the UK!

School ski & snowboard lessons

Do you want to give your school children ski lessons? Are you looking at some extra coaching before school ski trips? Or are you looking to provide lessons with a difference?

At Snozone we can provide your pupils with the opportunity to start learning a brand new sport either as part of their PE curriculum, or prior to the annual school winter holiday.

We offer specific school ski and snowboard lessons at exceptional value for money. These can be booked either as a beginners session, or as a weekly course enabling children to be "slope ready" before their school ski trips.

By providing your children with ski lessons, you are helping them to build confidence, learn a new sport, have fun, and reward them for achievement and good behaviour.

Ski and snowboard lessons are better value for money as a group and provide an excellent extra-curricular activity. Whether you’re using Pupil Premium money to help disadvantaged children experience the joy of skiing and build confidence, or providing an unusual school trip venue, your money will go further as a school group. Who knows – school ski trips might turn out to be a popular choice among your pupils!

Prices start from:

  • One hour ski and snowboard lessons from £17.50 (multiple lesson discount available)
  • 2 hour lessons only £33.99pp
  • Practise on the main slope from £14.49pp per hour
  • Snozone learning - one classroom subject from £15.00pp plus a slope activity at extra cost

To find out more email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Milton Keynes) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Castleford), or complete the form below.  We will contact you within 48 hours: