How to conquer your health and fitness goals for 2018!

Happy New Year!


Most people set themselves a New Year goal only to fail to achieve it come the end of January. Statistics show that only 8% of people succeed in meeting their January goal with the top 3 resolutions being to lose weight, get fitter and eat more healthily. 58% of women and 45% of men say setting smaller and realistic goals would help them keep on target.

Keeping it simple is one thing but also try to be specific so, if your goal is to get fitter don’t just say you will go to the gym but instead commit to attending one fitness class a week and built it up gradually, rather than trying to go 3 times a week and failing. Also make the goal measurable by measuring how quickly you can run a particular distance and build it up.
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You need to make sure your goal is attainable in order to keep you motivated but not push yourself too hard so that you get stressed and lose focus. It is best to also set a timeline for when you want to achieve your goal.

Exercise in general is a great way to burn off calories after the Christmas period and many people will use the New Year as an opportunity to try a new exercise. Did you know that you can burn up to 400 calories an hour from snow sports and it’s a great fun alternative to the gym or exercise classes?

However, research shows that 80% of people only perceive skiing and snowboarding as good fun and not exercise. Skiing is a lifestyle choice and has five main benefits as it can help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health, help to train your core, boost your mood and strengthen your muscles.

If you have booked a last-minute ski-holiday for the February half-term, there are ways you can brush up on your skills and quickly boost your fitness. When watching TV swap the sofa for leaning flat against the wall with your knees at 90 degrees and hold the position as long as you can. Avoid using lifts and instead take the stairs. Try ascending the stairs two at a time and then walk down two at a time in a controlled manner. Try and fit as many split squats (a squat going into a lunge) as you can into your day as this engages your core making you more stable. You can also strengthen your core via planks, side planks, sit-ups and sit-ups with rotations. In the gym, cross trainers or stair machines are the best practice along with spin classes as they all focus on the lower body. Remember not to forget building triceps and bicep exercises into your routine as your arms need to push you back up after a tumble.

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