Milton Keynes Sponsored Riders’ Profiles

Many Team GB Winter Olympic athletes use the slopes at Snozone and with the success of Sochi have helped to inspire a new generation who have their sights set to compete in future Games.

To support our growing talent, Snozone has selected twenty three riders aged from 11 to 44 to join Team MK, becoming Snozone Sponsored Riders.

Individually they have developed their own style of riding and with the support of Snozone, have the opportunity for future Olympic success.

The devotion of these athletes, who spend their Thursday and Friday nights refining their craft and avoiding the temptations all around them is phenomenal. Many have been riding the slopes since their early years, striving to overcome the obstacles that stand between them and the adventurous lifestyle they aspire for.

These twenty three unique riders have been given the opportunity to become Snozone Sponsored Riders and we are calling upon local companies to become involved and share in the success of our talent; by developing a partnership and sponsoring the Stars of OUR future.


Name : Fin Davies

Discipline : Race Ski

Age: 15

Fin was pretty much born on skis and since starting at the age of 5 he has been travelling across the UK and Europe competing in as many major ski race events as possible.  His greatest achievement to date has been winning the English Alpine championships in Bormeo, Italy.

Sponsors: Snozone – Solutions4feet – Swix – Edge2win ski race servicing.


Name: Sarah Glasgow

Discipline : Race ski

Age: 13

Since learning to ski at an early age in Les Deux Alpes, France, Sarah has been training every week to become one of the top racers in her age group in the UK.

She has a long list of top results from race events all across the UK and Europe and is definitely one to watch for the future with big ambitions to compete in the Olympics.

Sponsors: Snozone


Name : Mason Ferebee

Discipline : Freestyle ski

Age: 14

14 year old Mason started skiing at the age of 6 and has previously trained as a race skier as well as a freestyle rider. This training has provided him with a great technical skiing ability which certainly shows in his freestyle riding.

Mason has been a Milton Keynes Snozone regular for years now and we have really seen him grow and improve his skill over the years. If you ride freestyle nights at MK you can’t miss Mason with his cool style and giant Mohawk stuck to the top of his helmet!

Sponsors : Snozone


Name : Connor Gould

Discipline : Freestyle snowboard

Age: 19

19 year old Connor has been riding Snopark MK since the age of 13.

Over the years he has developed a great riding style especially on the rails.

Connor rides pretty much every Thursday and Friday night at Milton Keynes and is always one of the last on and off the hill.

Sponsors: Snozone


Name : Will Gilmore

Discipline : Freestyle snowboard

Age: 11 

Will learnt to snowboard at the age of 7 at Snozone Milton Keynes and since then he has been riding at our freestyle nights week in week out.  Will also trains with the GB park and pipe team and this year has been training on mountains around Europe with them.

Sponsors : Snozone – TSA – Capita – Union – CLWR – Howl – Stance – Ashbury

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Name : Kat Miller

Discipline : Freestyle snowboard

Age: 39

Kat is a veteran of the UK snowboard scene. She has been travelling around the UK competing at pretty much all competitions and events over the years.  She states her best achievements as “Surviving numerous British championships in 1 piece and even winning a few Gold’s in the master’s category.”

Kat has been a great influence to many of the younger Snozone locals and is always on hand to help with coaching and trick tips at all WAOTP coaching events.

Sponsors : Snozone – Sputnik snowboard store.

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Name : Jake Binnee

Discipline : Freestyle snowboard

Age: 14

Young gun Jake has been riding at Snozone MK since the age of 7. He rides here every week when he isn’t out in Morzine riding the mountains.

His most recent achievement was winning the Vans Hi-standard competition in the Cairngorms, Scotland earlier this year.

Sponsors : Snozone – Westbeach – SS20 – Celtek


Name : Ollie Dutton

Discipline : Freestyle Snowboard

Age: 25

Heavy rail hitter Ollie has been an MK local for nearly 5 years now. When he’s not out travelling around the globe with the rest of the Grindhouse filming crew in search of new rail spots to session he rides at Snozone MK every Thursday and Friday.

If you haven’t already, check out Ollie’s video part in the Grindhouse movie ‘Mind games’.

Sponsors : Snozone – Howl – Analog – Burton – Dragon


Name :Gary Walsh

Discipline : Freestyle snowboard

Age: 44

Walshy has been riding Snozone MK since the day it opened. He is a true local in the MK scene. If you have ever been along to a park night you would have no doubt spoken to Walshy at some point. He has a relaxed but technical riding style and is always happy to help anyone with trick tips and friendly advice.

Sponsors: Snozone


Name : Jade Walsh

Discipline : Freestyle Snowboard

Age: 12

Young shredder Jade is the daughter of team rider Gary Walsh. She was taught the freestyle ropes by her dad from an early age and is now even keeping some of the older riders on their toes!

Her greatest achievement to date was 2nd place in the British Indoor Championships slopes style last year and is definitely one to watch for the future.

Sponsors : Snozone


Name: Callum Waller

Discipline: Freestyle snowboard

Age: 20

Callum has been riding freestyle at MK since he was 12. When he isn’t practicing his corked backside 540 stalefish’s at Snozone he is training to become a commercial pilot at flight school.

Sponsors : Snozone

Name: Becky Menday

Discipline: Freestyle snowboard

Age: 15

15 year old Bex has been snowboarding at Snozone since she was 9 years old.

For the past few years she has been travelling the UK and Europe competing in pretty much every freestyle snowboarding competition going,  as well as being invited to endless photo-shoots.

She has recently returned from a Redbull trip with Olympian Aimee Fuller where she filmed her latest video part.  Bex is definitely one to watch for the future and is hoping to compete in the 2018 Olympics.

Sponsors : Snozone, Protest, Head, Dragon, Celtek, Butta, Nooka.