Top Ten Tips to Snowboarding for Beginners

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Snozone’s Top Ten Tips to Snowboarding for Beginners.


So some friends went on a last minute ski holiday in 2019 and it looked great. Now you’ve decided by 2020 that you’d like to be the next Aimee Fuller or James Woods. You googled indoor skiing lessons and Snozone Milton Keynes or Snozone Castleford came up. Next step is to decide between whether to ski or snowboard? Well here are Snozone’s top ten tips to snowboarding for beginners!

  1. Getting the right snowboarding boots.

Unlike ski boots, snowboard boots should be your best friend (sorry skiers).

It’s best to start in the equipment hire area. At Snozone, we have HEAD snowboard boots which are a great start to get you going. Getting the right size is vital, your toes should not touch the front and your heel should not lift too much in the back of the boot. Try on a couple of pairs if you want, but they should feel like the combination of slippers and a tight hug!–

2. Learning your stance!

Are you “Goofy”? No, that’s not an insult…It means you lead with your right foot. Working out which stance you are will determine which foot goes down the mountain first.

One way to figure out “what you are” is asking a friend to give you a (gentle) push from behind. The foot you automatically use to step forward with will be your front foot.

People who ride with their left foot forward are regular footed. Don’t worry! You don’t have to have done a snowboarding coaching course to understand this. Our own Coaches will take you through every stage before you even strap into your snowboard bindings.

3. Safety comes first at Snozone.

Protective gear isn’t just about safety; it makes you learn faster.

As a snowboarding beginner, ensuring you have the right snowboarding gear will make your experience far more enjoyable.

Investing in wrist guards and impact shorts will protect you during those early snowboard lessons. Wearing a snowboard helmet is also a good habit to start with then keep throughout your snowboard expeditions. As part of the price of your lift pass, helmets are available for everyone to use at both Milton Keynes and Castleford.

4. Wear proper snowboard socks!

Good quality socks will make your life as a snowboarder so much happier. Here are some simple sock rules:

  • Never wear two pairs of socks, this will increase friction on spots of binding pressure or boot tightness.
  • Avoid ribbed cotton socks like football socks. These give uneven pressure on the top of your foot which can be painful.
  • Invest in a good pair of snowboard socks on day one, available to purchase at the Snozone shop.

Trust us…you’ll have them for YEARS!

5. Having the correct snowboarding gear.

You need to wear the correct clothing to go snowboarding. Being dressed appropriately at our indoor ski slopes will ensure you remain warm, dry and happy. At Snozone we have clothing hire available to hire and buy from our shop at reception.

6. Learning at the start will make you love it on the mountain.

You watched the Olympics, saw some friends do it and thought “That looks easy, I’ll pick it up when I’m out there” Many snowboarding beginners think they can teach themselves. However, you will spend more time getting frustrated than actually riding. Investing time on a snowboard beginner’s day course at Snozone in Milton Keynes or Castleford, Yorkshire will make your ski holiday much more fun.

7. Which way to look – up, down, straight ahead?

You might not feel comfortable looking straight down the hill when you start, but stick with it. It is natural when learning to go ridged and want to look at your feet in case you hit a bump. Just relax and remember you took it up to have fun. Our coaches will help you with your confidence and technique.

8. Building your fitness before you go out.

Snowboarding is a tiring sport especially when you are beginning. Before your trip, it’s a good idea to train the major muscle groups you’ll use when snowboarding, which are your legs and core. Try adding some squats, lunges and press-ups into your gym routine. Or simply always take the stairs at work! Or come to one of our weekly snowboard training sessions.

9. Don’t Get Discouraged…persevere with it!

You should expect it to take a good three days or so to really get the hang of it as a beginner – especially if you’ve never done any type of board sports before. Just because you’re not ripping down the mountain like a pro by day two doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up. We have six levels on our snowboard development courses. And once you feel like you are ready to take it to the next level, we’ve got day snowboard improver and freestyle snowboard lessons to help you continue your pathway.

10. It’s about having fun and enjoying your Snowsports experience.

You learn it, you begin to like it and eventually you love it! We all learn at different speeds and reach different levels. At Snozone we can help with both. The benefit of indoor snowboarding on real snow is that it’s available all year round! Working on your technique and fitness all year means when you go away next year, every day you can rip that board down that last home run and straight into the nearest après bar!

If you are interested in learning more about snowboarding. Give our team a call on 0333 0030 520 and we can discuss all the options available at Snozone.