Snowsports for Core Fitness

Not many of us perceive snowsports as the solution to our fitness goals, however maybe we should review our thinking based on the realisation that snow sports offer an all over body workout centralised through good core control.

The core is more than just our abs! The core relates to all the muscles that attach to the spine and pelvis. These muscles are where movement originates and it’s also the source of our stability.

Core stabilisation and core strengthening can help to improve back health, balance and overall functional fitness. Functional fitness is the ability to maintain a fitness level that allows us to complete the tasks that we need to do in every day life.

Skiing or snowboarding improves core strength, as fundamentally the skills needed to ski or snowboard successfully are; balance, rotary movements, edging movements, and pressure control. Most muscles of the lower body are used, as are the abdominal muscles and some upper body muscles too. Bending at the hips and knees helps also improves our balance and agility.

By participating in snowsports regularly we can challenge and condition our bodies, which in turn greatly enhances the enjoyment of our snowsports activity and reduces risk of injury.

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