Snowsports for keeping fit and in-shape

As the year draws to an end, we look to 2016 and begin to imagine a healthier, new improved version of ourselves. The adverts on the telly remind us of how unfit we are and how much we have indulged over the festive period – and we are propelled once more into a world of fad diets and short lived gym membership’s.
For the majority of us, our fitness desires are often distant memories come Easter as life takes over and our motivation sinks. So how can we keep fit and stay in-shape all year round?
Maintaining our goals, be it to improve fitness, spend more time with the family actively or to simply get out and meet new people, can be achieved through learning and participating in a sport. A sport gives us a sense of purpose and offers personal development as we are challenged mentally and physically.

Snowsports such as skiing and snowboarding are great examples of how we can keep fit and stay in shape all year round and can easily replace or add value to our current fitness routine.
Active participation in snow sports, on average burns up to 400 calories per hour. This may be similar to an hour jogging on the treadmill, however, gliding down the slopes is more fun and worthwhile because it forces us to concentrate on balance and coordination- thus is far more mentally stimulating. As we ski or snowboard we are challenging our whole body, strengthening and toning all our major core muscle groups. Turning and controlling ski’s or a snowboard requires strength through our legs, improving flexibility and agility.

Another advantage of snowsports is that we can constantly challenge ourselves to the next level; from learning to snowplough, parallel turn, master moguls, improve carving or learning to freestyle – as well as safely conquering more difficult runs on/off piste. There are endless challenges with far greater variation than can be found in a gym environment which mostly amounts to simply just running faster or lifting heavier weights.
As our lives take over and time becomes precious we can often let our fitness goals laps. Snow sports combat many obstacles such as time with the family as the sport can be enjoyed by everyone altogether and at the same time.

With lessons starting from 3 year’s old. Save time travelling to different activities and enjoy a family workout on the slope and most importantly, have FUN!