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Ideal nutrition for Snowsports

It’s important to consider exercises to physically prepare you for skiing or snowboarding, but equally, it’s also mindful to look at your diet and what foods are ideal both in the lead up to participating in Snowsports, but also whilst out on the slopes in resort.

There’s a well known saying “we are what we eat” and this is especially true when focussing on a period of intense physical activity, such as Snowsports and the right nutrition can help fuel your energy levels.

Before you embark on any Snowsport activity, you need to build up your energy levels so opt for a complex carb-heavy snack with some protein and a small amount of fat.  To absorb nutrients faster, make this in liquid form, ie a smoothie (but watch the sugar levels of if you’re not making it yourself), or a soup that incorporates a starchy carbohydrate like sweet potato or butternut squash.  Or you could opt for superfood eggs and smoked salmon and fruit with oatmeal.

If you’re out on resort and spending several hours outdoors, take easily portable snacks with you, that won’t “smash” if you fall over (a mushy banana is not very appetising!).  Granola and protein bars are ideal to pop into a pocket, or if you have time to make them beforehand peanut butter and crackers for that sweet tooth craving, or if you have to eat chocolate make it the dark variety which packs in way more antioxidents and satisfies the sugar craving much quicker.

You can’t beat some oily fish for lunch, either with some veggies or a wrap, to give you that all important protein boost and once you’ve completed your runs and are swapping your skis or snowboard for some well earned apres-ski opt for some warming chilli, lean meats and seasonal vegetables, or fish – foods that are high in protein and balanced with good quality carbs (potatoes, wholegrain rice/pasta or quinoa) and healthy fats like avocados and olive oil, to help your muscles replenish themselves after a vigorous day.

Be careful with the creamy drinks too – it’s very easy to crave a sweet hot chocolate but you won’t appreciate the after effects of all that sugar.  Remember it’s crucial to keep hydrated so carry water with you whenever and wherever you can.