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We are temporarily closed.

Please pre-book all activities online.

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Combined Snowboard Lesson Level 5&6

Combined Snowboard Lesson Level 5&6

All lessons are now being taught as private lessons until further notice, we will announce as soon as possible when our group lessons and coaching sessions will become available.

These lessons are the ideal way to learn to snowboard in a fairly short space of time whilst giving yourself a physical break in between sessions, which last 3 hours including a short break (2 consecutive hours for 11-15 years).

Taking in lessons 5&6 from our development structure this is a perfect lesson to further develop your snowboarding technique and by the end of level 6 you should be making more fluid consistent turns on steeper terrain.

Our coaches are experts in teaching and building confidence however the level you achieve at the end of this lesson may be dependent on your personal rate of progression or that of others in your group and it’s important that we don’t force your learning.  If you feel you need some further tuition and need to rebook a lesson for some additional coaching, we offer a 15% discount for bookings made on the same day as your original lesson.


£49.99 (Mon-Fri); £69.99 (weekend/peak holidays)


£39.99 (Mon-Fri); £49.99 (weekend/peak holidays)

Adult Members

£24.99 (Mon-Fri); £34.99 (weekend/peak holidays)

Junior Members

£19.99 (Mon-Fri); £24.99 (weekend/peak holidays)