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We are temporarily closed.

Please pre-book all activities online.

Brand new membership with free private lessons

Private Snowboard Lessons

Private Snowboard Lessons

Private lessons are our most popular way to learn with a coach dedicated just to you or your group.  Our expert coaches will tailor the tuition to your needs – learn as an individual, in a group or with your family. Private lessons will be capped at up to 5 people and you must all be part of the same social group/bubble or household.  Please note we only allow a maximum of 2 children per junior private lesson who must be from the same household.

Family lessons are now available.

To make sure you get the tuition that’s right for you, we’ve separated our private lessons into beginner, intermediate and advanced:

Beginner – Introductory lesson for complete beginners, focusing on equipment, basic movements, stance / balance, and learning how to control the snowboard on the toe edge.

Intermediate – A progression lesson focusing on improvement of toe edge side slip, performing a diagonal heel edge slip and introducing basic turning skills.

Advanced – A development lesson further developing control of the snowboard to make more fluid turns

To book simply click on the option that best suits your current abilities, and choose your preferred date and time. If you wish to add additional people to learn with you (within your social group or household) after clicking “Book now” you will see an option to add on extra people.  For family lessons please choose an adult private lesson, choose your date and time, click “Book now” and you will see the “family of 4 add on”. You can then proceed to payment. 

You should all be at the same level, ie all beginners; if your group is at different levels please book people into separate lessons. 

When group activities reopen, children can also learn through the Children’s SnoAcademy, our industry leading term time club for children aged 7-15.  It’s an ideal way for your child to perfect their skills and gain confidence in a group environment – and make some new friends too, however this is currently unavailable until further notice.



1 hour £99.99 (Mon-Fri); £129.99 (weekend/peak holidays); additional adult £59.99 (Mon-Fri); £69.99 (weekend/peak holidays)

Family (2 adults & 2 juniors or 1 adult & 3 juniors)

1 hour £199.99 (Mon-Fri); £249.99 (weekend/peak holidays)

Juniors (Maximum of 2 juniors per lesson)

1 hour £89.99 (Mon-Fri) £109.99 (weekend/peak holidays); additional junior £59.99 (Mon-Fri); £69.99 (weekend/peak holidays)

Adult Members

1 hour £79.99 (Mon-Fri); £103.99 (weekend/peak holidays); additional adult £47.99 (Mon-Fri); £55.99 (weekend/peak holidays)

Family Members

1 hour £159.99 (Mon-Fri); £199.99 (weekend/peak holidays)

Junior Members

1 hour £71.99 (Mon-Fri); £87.99 (weekend/peak holidays); additional junior £47.99 (Mon-Fri); £55.99 (weekend/peak holidays)