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Snozone Castleford is temporarily closed.

Why Snowsports could fuel your fitness

Skiing and snowboarding are often perceived only as fun activities to do on a winter holiday, followed by copious amounts of apres ski with family and/or friends.  Whilst this may very well be true,  with indoor real snow slopes like Snozone open all year round, Snowsports also provide an invigorating workout, for both mind and body alike.

With the New Year well and truly behind us, how many of you have already reneged on resolutions to get fitter and healthier?  Apparently by 15th January most people had given up on their very best intentions and let life return to the normal status quo.  But why do so many of us struggle with maintaining an active lifestyle – could it be down to not finding exercise that sustains our interest?

An hour of downhill skiing or snowboarding can burn between 300-400 calories, classed as “moderate” exercise.  Compare this to other activities such as an hour of aerobics – 274 calories; an hour of badminton – 348 calories or an hour of tennis doubles – 340 calories, and Snowsports is an effective contender when it comes to measuring calorific loss on our digital devices.

However, it isn’t just about calories….cardiovascular health and stamina are significantly improved through spending time out on the slopes, with positive effects on your heart and circulation, especially when out in the refreshing cold temperatures.  Being out in the cold, even artificially (it’s -3 degrees on our slopes!), boosts our mood through doing something “different”, as well as the release of all those endorphins!

Your balance improves through tensing your stomach muscles to maintain stability which in turn builds core strength and flattens the lower abdomen; legs get leaner and stronger due to the tension and weight you put on them, using muscles you wouldn’t ordinarily use – summer bodies are indeed made in winter, or in our case all year round!

Due to its weight bearing, skiing (especially) strengthens knees and joints, boosting bone health and helping to prevent osteoporosis in later life, while you’re enjoying gliding down the slopes.  In fact we’re seeing more and more people still reaping the benefits of Snowsports well into their later years, and as we’re living longer, generally more healthier lives, it’s important to sustain a good level of fitness as we get older.

However, what about that all important enthusiasm and interest?  The social aspects of skiing and snowboarding are one of the ways to maintain consistent participation, through immersing yourself in a community of like-minded people.  Learn a brand new sport with existing friends or family members, or meet new faces through regular attendance, whilst keeping your heart pumping in a fun, friendly environment.  Your fitness journey really can start here…….but instead of adhering to the traditional “winter season” the only day you can’t access our indoor real snow slopes is Christmas Day so enjoy next year’s turkey fitter, leaner and happier!