Freestyle Coaching


Freestyle Coaching

Progression Sessions!

Every Thursday at Milton Keynes 7pm-9pm and Castleford 7.30pm-9.30pm.

Whether you’re new to freestyle riding, looking to increase your bag of tricks or just want to add some style to your riding then coaching sessions are for you.

Our sessions are open to juniors as well as adults who meet our recreational standards.

Meet the Snozone coaches out on the slopes for some relaxed and informal coaching tips.

Price: Adults £32.99 & Juniors £29.99  for 2 hours

JUNE PRICE: Adults £28.04 Juniors £25.49 for 2 hours

MEMBERS PRICE: Adults £16.49 Juniors £14.99 for 2 hours

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Brand new freestyle day courses

A full day course (8 hours including breaks) for those who want to take their first steps into freestyle. This is for skiers and snowboarders who can confidently descend the main slope indoors, or blue runs outdoors. You must be able to control your speed and direction through turns and show good balance and posture.

Lesson content:

  • Ice breaker and warm up exercise
  • Exercises and drills to improve balance, posture and control of skis/snowboard
  • Flat land freestyle
  • Beginner boxes & kickers
  • 180’s & grabs
  • Warm up, conditioning & fitness for freestyle

To book please email (Milton Keynes) or (Castleford).

Junior Freestyle Club – New for Winter 2016/17

Every Friday evening at both Snozone Milton Keynes and Castleford 7pm-9pm.

An all new freestyle coaching session designed especially for Juniors aged 7-15 who have either attended the Snozone Academy Excel and completed level 7star, Snozone Freestyle kids camp or of a recreational riding level ready to try freestyle features.

These freestyle sessions are a great way to improve slope confidence, meet great like-minded people and progress in a fun and informative way.

The coaches will cover everything from slope/park rules and etiquette to riding different freestyle features such as boxes, rails and kickers.

To be eligible for the Freestyle club children must be a junior member/be part of a family membership or if under 12 be linked to a parent’s membership.

Price: Junior only – £29.99 for 2 hours (minus the membership discount according current offer)

Further Freestyle Coaching Options

Can’t make our Thursday evening freestyle coaching sessions? As well as running our own coaching sessions we also host Maverix coaching courses:

Maverix Coaching Courses

Please click on the above links for further information.

Why have freestyle coaching?

When you’ve mastered the basics of skiing or snowboarding, you will want to try the fun stuff! Through freestyle coaching you will learn skills so you can handle jumps and rails. You will learn aerial manoeuvres, and perfect your take-off and landing techniques. There’s more fun to be had on snow than just going downhill fast!

Why come to Snozone for your freestyle ski AND snowboard coaching?

Snozone is a fantastic environment for learning freestyle skiing or snowboarding. Not only do we have an experienced team who know what’s involved in freestyle coaching, we have some of the best facilities available. Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own ski or snowboard, but we have equipment here too- and their free to hire!

If you’d like more information about freestyle coaching, or any of our skiing and snowboarding sessions, please email (Milton Keynes) or