Freestyle Skiing and Snowboading


Are you a freestyle fan? 

Take advantage of our freestyle park nights, every Thursday and Friday from 7pm.

Whether you’re an expert, or just starting out, there is something for everyone.  You can practice freestyle skiing or snowboarding on our specially-designed freestyle parks. On Thursday and Friday evenings at Milton Keynes and Castleford we provide freestyle ski and freestyle snowboard facilities for all levels – we want to see people of all ages and abilities on the slope!

Freestyle night prices:

Thursday & Friday from 7pm – 11pm:

  • 2 hour sessions Adults £32.49    Juniors £24.99
  • 4 hour sessions Adults £41.99    Juniors £32.99

Enter code SUMMER15 to enjoy your sessions at the new June price below!

  • 2 hour sessions Adults £27.62 Juniors £21.24
  • 4 hour sessions Adults £35.69 Juniors £28.04

MEMBERSHIP PRICES- Simply log on as normal to enjoy your sessions at these unbeatable prices!

  • 2 hour sessions Adults £16.24 Juniors £12.49
  • 4 hour sessions Adults £20.99 Juniors £16.49

Book your slope pass today!

Freestyle skiing and freestyle snowboarding coaching is available on a Thursday from 7pm. Just buy your session pass, and seek out our coaches at the top of the slope. Alternatively, you can just practice on your own to your heart’s content in our safe and supportive environment.

Rookie Park – an event offering beginners the opportunity to learn from our qualified coaches, available on specific dates each month.

For more details please check our events pages.

Want to know what’s included? Have a look at our park plans and you will see the range of ramps, rails, and boxes that we use at our Milton Keynes and Castleford venues.

Please click here for more information about our freestyle skiing and freestyle snowboard sessions.