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Skizone is now open!

Please prebook online.

Ski Lessons

It’s quicker to book online but if you would like to speak to a member of our team please call us on 01256 305 298.

Please be advised that currently all our lessons will be run as private lessons- extending upwards from 1 for family/social bubble capping at 5 for the same social group. Please note there is a maximum of 2 children per junior private lesson who must be from the same household.

Lesson options – private, social group/bubble or family

Because of our low customer:instructor ratio, Skizone is the equivalent to a personal ski coach.

The maximum number of skiers on the slope at the same time is 3. The Skizone system provides an extremely quick way to learn and a nice warm, enclosed & controlled environment for children and adults to gain confidence.  We can take you higher and faster or lower & slower, depending on what you prefer. You can analyse your posture in real-time and the speed of progression can be surprisingly fast. Unlike ski school or group training, at Skizone your coach is right beside you, in front of you or even on the slope with you. The mirror at the bottom of the slope also gives you real-time feedback on your technique.

At the front of the slope we have a support bar which is really useful for helping with your balance when clipping into your skis or snowboard at the start of your lesson. If you’re feeling nervous you can hold on to the bar until you’re ready to let go and storm the slopes! And if you fall, don’t worry! Our coach stops the slope immediately so you won’t go anywhere!

A key benefit is to get you ski fit for your trip to Snozone or the Alps, with repeat visits providing a great way to get your muscle memory back. Or why not use us as part of your fitness regime.

Everyone can learn to ski

We believe snow sports should be available for everyone, so for those with additional needs we also offer adaptive lessons on a private one-to-one basis delivered by Snozone Disability Snowsports.  Prices start from £39.99.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Once you’ve achieved recreational standard, join us for further development coaching or visit Snozone for some exhilarating practice on the main slope.

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Once you have booked your lessons, and prior to arrival, please complete this form, thank you.